Eiwit Shake vanille Eurosport

€ 44,99

The Protein Shake is a product in powder form. One 30-gram serving contains 22 grams of protein, more specifically, whey protein concentrate. Mix the shake powder in the shaker with, for example, 200 to 300 millilitres of water, milk or plant milk. Feel free to add some fresh fruit, such as banana. This way you’ll have a delicious, well-deserved dessert after training or race.

In addition to whey protein concentrate, a serving of the Eurosport nutrition Protein Shake also contains carbohydrates (2.8 grams) and fat (1.4 grams). On the one hand, this balanced mix of nutrients ensures that the shake mixes well and is quickly absorbed by the body. On the other hand, it contributes to a rich flavour.