Eurosport nutrition – Recovery Shake

€ 16,99




  • Flavour profile: Strawberry
  • Content: 450 gram
  • 5:1-formula
  • With Peptopro®

The Recovery Shake has a 5:1 formula (this is the ratio between carbohydrates and proteins) and is a high quality powder product, specifically developed for endurance athletes. Mixed with water or milk, this recovery-boosting shake provides the body with essential nutrients immediately after intensive exercise. It contains a mix of carbohydrates, minerals and proteins that has proven, not only scientifically but also by athletes themselves, to maximize recovery. All ingredients are plant-based.

The Eurosport nutrition R&D team has incorporated Peptopro® into the Recovery Shake. Peptopro® is a mix of scientifically developed peptides, or small protein particles. They contain all twenty amino acids necessary for the repair and regeneration of muscle cells. Because the particles are so small, they work effectively and the body absorbs them quickly. This way it takes the body less time to be ready for the next training or race.

The Eurosport nutrition Recovery Shake is available in strawberry flavour. This first flavour was recommended by various (former) top athletes from different sports disciplines who contributed to the development of the shake